Welcome to the Readers Companion for Heather Christle.

Her new book is Heliopause, published by Wesleyan in March 2015. The heliopause boundary is defined by Nasa as where the “the outer limits of the Sun’s magnetic field and outward flow of the solar wind” meet. Read more about the Voyager Interstellar Mission to explore of the heliopause boundary here. Christle finds striking parallels between subjects as varied as the fate of Voyager 1, the uncertain conception of new life, the nature of elegy, and the decaying transmission of information across time. Nimbly engaging with current events and lyric past, Heliopause marks a bold shift and growing vision in Christle’s work. 

Heather Christle is the author of What Is AmazingThe Difficult Farm, and The Trees The Trees, which won the 2012 Believer Poetry Award. She has taught poetry at Antioch College, Sarah Lawrence College, the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and Emory University. 


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